UK Holistic Health Foundation

for Iraqis in Need



This foundation advocates Holistic Health as the primary approach to the improvement of Public Health within the framework of the National Rebuilding Program of Iraq, serving all Iraqis in need.

For over two and a half decades of battering wars and continued sanctions, the majority of Iraqi families have been suffering from severe deprivation of fundamental health care needs, both physical and mental, as well as of basic nutritional elements. Holistic Health, also referred to as Alternative Medicine or Complimentary Medicine, on the other hand, is now widely recognised as the most cost-effective long-term approach to a preventive health care policy within any modern national health care services system.

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Objectives of ALNAJAT Foundation

ALNAJAT is concieved within the framework of the National Rebuilding Programme of Iraq.The foundation advocates Holistic as the primary approach to the upturn (Alnajat in Arabic) of Public Health in Iraq. ALNAJAT is non-political,non-sectarian foundation. It is not affiliated to any political party,ethnic or religious group. It aims to serve All Iraqis in need.

Key Success Factors

We strongly believe that Holistic Health, with its well publicized and widely acknowledged returns, should be promoted and established as a national approach for Public Health in Iraq. With our well conceived and initial plan, we soon hope to adopt Holistic Health as the main practice in households across the country, thus creating the grounds for Preventive Health Care. This is because traditional recipes and minimal promotional effort is needed and instead we will focus our attention on providing direct treatment, education, and training.

Personal And Professional Commitment

It has been the founder’s life-long desire to dedicate her experience (professional profile) and available material to this humanitarian cause. This commitment is dedicated in memory of all Iraqis, including her two young brothers (Amer and Emad) and other close members of her own family, who perished in vain, and to all Iraqis who are working so hard to rebuild their country and live in peace and harmony.

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